Pupil Premium Report 2013-14

In 2013-14, we received £69,569 in Pupil Premium Funding and have allocated it in the following ways:

Pupil Premium - 2013-14

How did we do? 

  • Progress in reading improved slightly for children on Pupil premium, but we saw a bigger increase in progress from children without pupil premium, thus widening the gap.
  • Progress in writing dropped slightly from last year for children with Pupil Premium, but increased significantly for children without pupil premium, thus widening the gap.
  • Progress in maths remained the same for children with Pupil Premium, and increased very slightly for children without.  The gap remains stubborn.
Overall, the gap between progress widened this year, due to an increase in progress from children without the funding.  

That said, 3 points progress is what is considered 'expected' by the Government.  So both groups achieved very well last year.

Pupil Premium progress 2012-13