Booster Groups

You may find that you receive a letter from your child's teacher saying that they have been identified for a 'booster group' in a certain area.   

Firstly, this is absolutely nothing to worry about and does not necessarily mean that your child is falling behind.  It simply means that the teacher has identified your child as having not made the progress that they expected yet this year, and feel a bit of extra teaching might speed this up.

Booster groups run in the final hour of the afternoon and are led by teaching assistants, or in some cases teachers.  They have very general objectives and aim to just 'boost' the progress of a particular group of children.  They run for about 8 weeks and the impact is assessed at the end.  Currently we have booster groups for speaking and listening, maths and reading.  We hope to begin a writing booster at a later date.

The Programs:

Language Link:  This is a speaking, listening and communicating booster group informed by a detailed assessment program.  The program identifies specific difficulties in understanding language and provides staff with activities and games to help support children.

Lexia:  This is a reading booster program.  Children sit a computer-based assessment of their reading skills.  The program can assess readers from early Reception age right through to adult.  This then identifies gaps in their skills and understanding and provides an individualised program of study to support them.

Rapid Maths:  This is a book-based maths booster program that covers all the national curriculum levels.  The children sit a short paper assessment at the beginning in order to identify gaps, and are then given two 30 minute sessions with and adult in a small group per week, working through  the activities in the book.  At the end of the 8 weeks, they take another assessment to judge progress.