The internet, mobile phones, computer consoles entertain and educate our children in many positive ways.  However, there are certain ways that children interact with the media that can put them at risk of bullying or abuse.  We as a school are very concerned that our children understand how to stay safe on line, and how to identify any risks.  Recently, we had the Lucy Faithful Foundation in school to run workshops for children and their parents.  These are some of the key messages that came out of those days.

Where can I find general advice and information about internet safety?

Find useful advice on risks children face online including grooming, cyber bullying, gaming and sexting.  

Run by the national agency CEOP, this site provides information grouped into age ranges.  It also has a dedicated parent/carer section.

This site provides detailed steps you can take at home to increase your child's safety online.

Videos around internet safety

Jenny's Story

Joe's Story

Jigsaw: for 8 - 10 year olds

Where can I find information specific to the social media apps my child is using?

This is a really useful guide or parents and carers developed by the NSPCC.  It looks at lots and lots of social media apps (new and old) and gives you the information to make an informed choice as to whether you allow your child to use it.  This sites also covers games children play online such as Clash of Clans and Minecraft.

Snap chat is a very popular photo sharing site.  Here is a parents guide to the app from www.connectsafely.org.  Use this to make an informed decision as to whether or not it is suitable for your child to use.

Instagram is a very wide spread photo sharing social media app.  Read the parents guide from www.connectsafely.org and make a decision as to whether is is suitable for your child to use.

Kik is a new 'chat' application where users can contact strangers and make connections through similar interests.  Read the parent guide online to decide if it is suitable for your child to use.


Facebook is the widest used social network of all.  Read the parents guide written by www.connectsafely.org to make sure you know all the pitfalls of facebook, so you can make an informed choice.