UPDATE  20/10 -   The changes to dismissal procedures will remain in place until any building works begin.  This week we should have more information as to when they will start, and what impact they will have to access.  In the mean time, you can use Twitter or the link below to feedback about the changes.

To address the logistical difficulties associated with dismissing the Reception and Infant children we have changed procedures.

We appreciate that this may take a little longer, but ask for your patience and understanding while we try to address this issue.

RECEPTION –  Classes being dismissed from the door they go in through in the morning and the side door. 

Children will start to come out at 3.10pm

YEAR 1 – both classes being dismissed from the door to the Year 1 activity area at the bottom of the slope

Parents, please go down to the door to collect.

YEAR 2 – both classes will be dismissed from the LOWER JUNIOR PLAYGROUND

Parents, please go down the slope to the left of the main gate, across the upper junior playground to the lower playground where your children will assemble for collection.

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Thank you for all the responses to this summer's parental survey.  We are pleased to announce the results are overwhelmingly positive.  We had 107 responses in total.  

You can find the results here

There is a new curriculum this year.  Watch our video and read up on changes here

We have produced some graphs to illustrate the very good performance of the school last academic year.  Find them here